188 New residential units in the Brussels region thanks to the 5th call for projects launched by citydev.brussels
188 New residential units in the Brussels region thanks to the 5th call for projects launched by citydev.brussels

188 New residential units in the Brussels region thanks to the 5th call for projects launched by citydev.brussels

citydev.brussels has awarded two contracts as part of the call for projects launched in the second half of 2019. The first to IMMOANGE (a partnership between ATENOR and BPI Real Estate Belgium) for its Victor project on the outskirts of Saint-Gilles and Anderlecht, and the second to EIFFAGE DEVELOPMENT SA for its GreenWood project in the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.

A total of 188 new residential units will be built, including 141 subsidised residential units.

In the second half of 2019, citydev.brussels launched three categories of calls for projects, each divided into 2 types: contaminated soil and non-contaminated soil. The first concerns projects comprising between 25 and 50 subsidised residential units, the second projects from 51 to 100 subsidised residiential units and the third, those of more than 100 subsidised residential units.

For this 5th edition, two projects have been selected in two separate categories and the third category is currently being studied.

The first project, Victor, developed by the promoter IMMOANGE (a partnership between ATENOR and BPI Real Estate Belgium) and the architectural firms 51N4E and Jaspers-Eyers Architects, is located near Brussels South railway station, at the heart of the future “Midi” Master Plan (PAD). This project offers an interesting functional mix, in line with the "Living Station" master plan. It consists of 102 contracted and 32 vacant units, retail and service areas grouped together in a covered shopping gallery, multipurpose areas and a co-working area. A set of offices of approximately 72,000 m² completes the balance of the mixed project. It also offers a landscaped area of 2,900 m², consisting of a communal garden and a variety of areas: vegetable patch, children's games, walkways and garden/terraces.

The second project, GreenWood, is developed by EIFFAGE DEVELOPMENT SA and the architectural firms CERAU SRL and DXA.ARCHI SRL, and will offer 39 subsidised residential units and 15 vacant dwellings, sharing the same communal areas to ensure a coherent social mix. Particular attention has been paid to the landscaped area which will have a communal planted area, a vegetable patch and private terraces separated by metal trellis fences filled with wood shavings, which will give a high level of privacy to the residential units on the ground floor.

The citydev.brussels call for projects policy has borne fruit since 2014. These public-private partnerships have led to the development of projects such as City Dox in Anderlecht, Nautica and M-Square in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, accounting for a total of 187 subsidised apartments. For the Brussels institution, it is an additional development tool to meet needs in terms of affordable and quality housing and thus achieve the objectives set by the regional government in its management contract.

“One of the priorities of my government is to create housing in quality and mixed living spaces. The citydev.brussels call for projects is a good example of a concrete tool for achieving this objective quickly and in partnership with the private real estate sector. It makes it possible to offer new quality housing in rapidly developing districts at affordable prices,” explains Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region.

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About BPI Real Estate

BPI Real Estate is a real estate developer with high added value present in Belgium, Poland and Luxembourg. With more than 30 years of know-how, the company is mainly active in the residential real estate, offices, shops and services sectors. Integrating energy, societal, constructive and technological components upstream of its projects, BPI Real Estate is developing an innovative and eco-responsible urban planning that guarantees the creation of pleasant and harmonious living areas. BPI Real Estate is part of the Belgian industrial group CFE. Founded in 1880, CFE is a Belgian industrial group active in three distinct areas. The first brings together the Dredging, Environment and Offshore and Infrastructure activity, carried out by DEME. The second brings together within CFE Contracting the construction, multi-technical and rail activities in Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and Tunisia. The third area concerns Real Estate Promotion and brings together the real estate projects developed by BPI Real Estate. The CFE group currently employs more than 7,000 people and has a presence on every continent. Listed on Euronext Brussels, CFE is 60.85% owned by Ackermans & van Haaren.


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ATENOR is an urban real estate development company with European expertise listed on the Euronext Brussels market. Its mission aims to provide, through its urban and architectural approach, adequate responses to the new requirements imposed by the evolution of urban and professional life. In this context, ATENOR invests in large-scale real estate projects that meet strict criteria in terms of location, economic efficiency and respect for the environment. Reuters ATE0.BR  - Bloomberg : ATEB BB


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About citydev.brussels

citydev.brussels, an autonomous public body created in 1974, is responsible for the urban development of the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) through real estate projects. citydev.brussels promotes the economic expansion of the Brussels Capital Region by hosting or maintaining businesses there. To do this, citydev.brussels provides them with quality real estate infrastructure that can accommodate them at the various stages of their development. Today, citydev.brussels gives them access to a heritage of nearly 192 ha of industrial land and SME parks spread over 45 sites, 60,000 m² of premises, 8 business centres and 4 incubators. Since 1988, citydev.brussels has been producing new housing, partially subsidized by the Brussels Capital Region and intended for middle-income citizens. Finally, as a regional operator, citydev.brussels is involved in the realization of complex projects combining the production of various housing, economic activities, shops, public areas, community facilities and everything that can remodel or revitalize a city or a district.

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