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BPI Team
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People are at the heart of BPI Real Estate's real estate projects. This constant concern is reflected in the team spirit that drives us, as well as in the prospects for internal development and the loyalty of our employees.

« Shape Urban Harmony through inspiring Real Estate Developments » 

Label "top employer"

As a CFE Group company, we are proud to have been awarded the "TOP EMPLOYER" label since 2024. It is the global benchmark for recognizing excellence in human resources practices. This certification is the result of an in-depth assessment of these practices, focusing on a variety of themes such as people strategy, work environment, talent acquisition and development, diversity, equity and inclusion, well-being,...  

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Our team of Urban Shapers

BPI, synonymous with urban planning with a clear focus on people

With the backing of extensive expertise, the BPI Real Estate team brings together in-house all the real estate development professionals: architects, engineers, marketeers, commercial, financial and legal experts. In addition, our employees are in constant contact with a large network of talented external partners.

This enthusiasm coupled with great professionalism and boundless creativity allow BPI Real Estate to anticipate and fulfil the wishes and expectations of buyers.


Meet the team

  • Béranger Dumont

    I’ve been working for BPI Real Estate for 15 years. I started working in the finance department where I became a project director. Ten years later, I was offered an experience abroad as General Manager of BPI Real Estate Poland. It has been a journey rich in experiences and personal development. The CFE Group, which BPI Real Estate is a part of, offers a very stimulating environment in the face of market trends. This makes it an inspiring dynamic environment and a source of opportunities.

    Béranger Dumont

    General Manager of BPI Poland

  • Yves Lambert

    It's been 8 years since I moved from CFE Brabant to BPI Real Estate. I am the Project Manager, involved in a behind-the-scenes role where you work with the designers and developers on setting the initial milestones in a successful project. Talking to the contractor before, during and after the plans are finalised is the key to a well-prepared project. This dialogue makes it easier to manage budgets, the schedule and quality on a day-to-day basis, providing the recipe for success.

    Yves Lambert

    Project Manager

  • Morgane Stok

    After an initial stint at BPI Real Estate, I then went off to live and work in Rwanda. This unique experience made me think about the projects that I wanted to invest in and the values that I wanted to pass on to those around me. BPI Real Estate tempted me back with the creation of a sustainable development team. It's exciting to see urban building initiatives that are increasingly respectful of the environment and residents.

    Morgane Stok

    Sustainability Officer

  • Cédric Kouhail

    I started my professional career at BPI Real Estate in 2013. Working on large-scale, long-term projects and with enthusiastic and dynamic teams sparked in me the desire to deepen my knowledge and become more involved. The group was receptive to my professional ambitions by allowing me to resume a master's degree in financial management, which has helped me evolve towards a Business Controller function, a source of new professional challenges.

    Cédric Kouhail

    Business Controller

    On a less serious note – Urban Brewer

    As "Urban Shapers", our mission for more than 30 years has been to help shape the cities of the future through innovative projects. In 2022, we took up the challenge of becoming an "Urban Brewer'' for the first time! As part of the project for La Grand Poste, one of our most symbolic projects, we had fun brewing our own BPI Real Estate beer in the Liège brewery, carried out in the basement of our La Grand Poste real estate project.

    Come and taste an Urbanista, while discussing your real estate project with our sales team.

    BPI Team
    BPI Team

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    Our after-sales service assists you, once the keys to your apartment have been handed over, in dealing with the actions of the company tasked with remedying any defects identified during the deliveries.