The Province of Liège launches the construction of a school on the Bavière site
The Province of Liège launches the construction of a school on the Bavière site

The Province of Liège launches the construction of a school on the Bavière site

Liège, May 27, 2024 – The Provincial College of Liège has made an important decision by approving the construction of a new school building for the ‘Haute École provinciale du Barbou’ (Institut Malzov) on the Bavière site. This initiative marks a significant step in the development of this iconic district, which was once an brownfield land.

The project, entrusted to the developer Bavière Développement - a collaboration between BPI Real Estate, Thomas & Piron Bâtiment, and UrBa Liège, represents an investment of over 36 million euros. This new building of nearly 10,000 m² will house the students of the Haute École, thereby complementing the educational functions on the site and ensuring a beneficial mix for this revitalized neighborhood.

Jean-Louis Amandt, Project Director for Bavière Développement: “The realization of a project of the magnitude of Bavière can only be achieved through a mix of functions and public-private collaborations. This new building for the Barbou Higher School fits perfectly into this logic and will, we are convinced, accelerate the final construction phases to come on the site.”

This project will not only meet the educational needs of the region but also contribute to the integration of various functions within this new neighborhood, eagerly awaited by all the people of Liège. This new educational infrastructure will add to an already transforming ensemble. The Bavière site has recently seen the completion of 149 housing units, the opening of several shops, and the establishment of a municipal daycare center that will soon accommodate fifty children. Additionally, the cultural center B3, built by the Province of Liège and inaugurated in 2023, is already operational.

The Bavière wasteland, once a symbol of decline, is now turning into a forward-looking neighborhood. The next development phases of the site will include intergenerational housing, intended for students and seniors, as well as a sports center, contributing to genuine social and functional diversity.

This ambitious project demonstrates Liège's determination to modernize by promoting education, culture, and community well-being. The construction of this new educational space aligns perfectly with the strategy of BPI Real Estate and Thomas & Piron Bâtiment to create sustainable cities and contribute to urban dynamics.

  • The Province of Liège launches the construction of a school on the Bavière site
  • The Province of Liège launches the construction of a school on the Bavière site
  • The Province of Liège launches the construction of a school on the Bavière site
The Province of Liège launches the construction of a school on the Bavière site

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