New logo, new visual identity, new website
New logo, new visual identity, new website

New logo, new visual identity, new website

After having recently changed its corporate name into BPI Real Estate Belgium in order to better describe its core activity, BPI launches a new website and reinforces its image.

A new logo and new colors are expressing the dynamism of this company ranking amongst the leaders of the real estate market in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland.

This 14 December, BPI launches a new image

A Straightforward Visual Identity

“We were a team of 12 people when we joined CFE in 2004” explains Jacques Lefèvre, CEO. “Today, we are more than 65 and we manage more than 30 projects in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland. Our markets have radically changed as well over that period. The time had, therefore, come to acknowledge these evolutions and to give BPI a stronger branding and a more readable visual identity."

A new website that centers around the customer needs

With its new website embedding new features such as a dedicated search engine, BPI intends to bring its clients and their expectation closer. 

 “Our new website will allow our clients and our partners to better understand our projects” explains Morgane Stok, Marketing & Communication Officer. “It emphasizes our priority of designing harmonious projects centred around human needs of well-being and quality of life". 

A visual identity that illustrates the company values

This new visual identity expresses, in a clear and fresh way, the missions and value statement of BPI: “Shape Urban Harmony Through Inspiring Real Estate Developments".

As Frederik Lesire, Head of Development (BXL/FL/PL), explains: "the rebranding of the company has been the opportunity for BPI to review its values. These values are based around 5 elements: Teamwork, Client Focus, Professionalism and Responsibility, Openness and Transparency, Commitment and Passion".

A new milestone

The change in visual identity illustrates the evolution of BPI and is a label of the new milestone in the company growth. 

The real estate market is more and more competitive, whether in Belgium (and particularly in Brussels), in Luxembourg or in Poland. Nevertheless, BPI intends to keeps its market status and even more to reinforce its position thanks to innovative, inspiring and sustainable real estate developments.

Jacques Lefèvre highlights : "while each development will keep its own specificity, they will all share the BPI identity and core values through the expression of our new visual identity. We are lucky to count many talented and motivated professionals and we continue building on their expertise to increase synergies and to go forward."

About BPI Real Estate Belgium

BPI Real Estate is a real estate developer operating in Belgium, Poland and Luxembourg. Incorporated 30 years ago, the company gained tremendous experience and recognised expertise in the residential, office, retail and service sectors.

BPI’s developments feature an innovative and environmentally-responsible approach  that incorporates social and energy aspects as well as construction and technological elements from the early stages of its projects, in order to create pleasant and harmonious living environments. 

BPI belongs to Group CFE. CFE is a Belgian industrial group incorporated in 1880. CFE NV/SA is active in 3 different business units. Dredging, Environment, Marine Engineering & Offshores activities are carried out by DEME, one of the global market leaders in the fields. CFE Contracting performs general contracting activities as well as multi-technic and rail in Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and Tunisia. The third business unit englobes all the real estate developments of the group under the umbrella of BPI.

The CFE group currently employs more than 7,000 people and is active on every continent. CFE is listed on Euronext Brussels and is 60.40% owned by Ackermans & van Haaren.

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After-sales service

Our after-sales service assists you, once the keys to your apartment have been handed over, in dealing with the actions of the company tasked with remedying any defects identified during the deliveries.