BPI Real Estate shares best practices in sustainable urban development
BPI Real Estate shares best practices in sustainable urban development

BPI Real Estate shares best practices in sustainable urban development

"We are committed to changing what needs to be changed to create sustainable cities."


BPI Real Estate, one of the pioneers in sustainable urban transition and part of the multidisciplinary CFE Group, shares its achievements in sustainable development used to build future-proof buildings and cities.

Meant to inspire the sector to take concrete actions, it not only features BPI’s key sustainability results but also a set of case studies of recent highly sustainable buildings that are setting a new standard for future cities.

JACQUES LEFÈVRE, CEO of BPI Real Estate: “We didn’t want to just publish our sustainability indicators. If we want to make headway as a sector, we need to actually share best practices on how we are making the shift. We need down-to-earth examples that others can follow.”

MORGANE STOK, Sustainability Officer at BPI Real Estate: “Over the years we have built a team that is really passionate about sustainability. I hope the passion of our people, combined with their real-life experience of making sustainability happen in their daily work, shines through the stories we tell here.”

5 guiding principles for sustainable development

Well-being, circularity, sustainability, mobility and innovation are the guiding principles that define the trajectory towards eco-responsible cities.

Against the backdrop of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, every BPI project answers to these principles to ensure the well-being of people, the impact on the planet, and the livability of city centers.

SANDRA GOTTCHEINER, Development & Innovation Director at BPI Real Estate: “Our sector is rapidly transitioning and we need a common language, a shared framework that guides our actions. These 5 principles cover a lot of ground in creating urban environments that are both good for people and planet. Our case studies show that success is absolutely within reach when you follow them.”

6 case studies to show the way

The WOODEN building situated in Luxembourg is a new landmark when it comes to sustainable development. Featured as one of the case studies, this timber-frame building ticks all the boxes.

ARNAUD REGOUT, Managing Director of BPI Real Estate Luxembourg: “It would be terrific if WOODEN were to pave the way for alternative construction methods. I hope this private initiative will inspire the private and public sector to make timber construction the norm.”

Other case studies cover a wide range of buildings in Belgium, Poland and Luxembourg.

BPI Real Estate aims to follow up on this first edition of its guide in the coming years. The recently acquired KRONOS building in the financial district of Luxembourg, planned to be started in 2025, will be a particular interesting case in future editions as the wood-based project will be unprecedented in terms of sustainability ambition.

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About BPI Real Estate

BPI Real Estate is the real estate division of the multidisciplinary group CFE, founded in 1880 and active in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland in 4 business lines with strong growth potential because they have the potential to shape the world of tomorrow: real estate design and development, multitechnics, construction and renovation and sustainable investments. With a wealth of expertise acquired over the past 35 years, BPI Real Estate's ambition is to challenge the status quo and bring about positive change in real estate development in order to deploy innovative, inclusive and eco-responsible urban planning aimed at increasing the well-being of future generations. BPI Real Estate develops this know-how in the residential, office, retail, services and special products sectors. The company also brings its expertise in real estate design and development to Wood Shapers, a Belgian and Luxembourg company launched at the end of 2019 by BPI Real Estate and CFE Contracting (both part of the CFE group) that focuses primarily on the development, design and sustainable construction of wood and prefabricated materials.

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About CFE

CFE is an integrated multidisciplinary group with an attractive growth market position in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland. Thanks to leading companies and innovative projects, the group focuses on four segments: real estate development, construction & renovation, multitechnics and investments. From acquisition to maintenance: with complementary expertise, CFE offers complete solutions to its customers. The group is developing the world of tomorrow through its pioneering role in sustainable development, its capacity for innovation and its desire to have an impact on society. CFE makes this ambition a reality thanks to passionate employees and strong partnerships.

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