BPI Real Estate acquires new site at exceptional location in Polish capital
BPI Real Estate acquires new site at exceptional location in Polish capital

BPI Real Estate acquires new site at exceptional location in Polish capital

In January, the Polish branch of project developer BPI Real Estate acquired a new site in Warsaw. The site has an exceptional location in the centre of the Polish capital, where BPI Real Estate Poland will be constructing a residential project and several commercial units over the next couple of years.

Following the completion and delivery of two building projects, Rezydencja Barska and wolaRE, in Warsaw in 2020, it initially appeared as though the Polish project developer had no further development plans in the country’s capital. However, thanks to the acquisition of a site in Warsaw city centre, the project developer will be able to maintain and further strengthen its presence there.

Just like every other city in Europe today, Warsaw is having to contend with increasing house prices as a result of ever-growing demand. The demand for high-quality living accommodation is at a peak, particularly in the city centre. We aim to use our skills and expertise to address this by developing a residential project at a mere 200 metres from Warsaw Central Station and Metro station,” says Béranger Dumont, General Manager BPI Real Estate Poland.

High-quality living in the city centre

The Polish real estate company will develop a residential project at the 17,000 m² site that will comprise some 240 apartments. This will also include several commercial units at ground level. The population of Warsaw has become increasingly wealthier in recent years.

The project will therefore have a certain cachet, with special attention being paid to the architecture of the building. There will also be a green courtyard, smart living solutions will be integrated, and the building will be entirely future-proof on account of the strict sustainability criteria for new buildings.

The central location and close proximity of the railway and metro stations mean that the future apartments are readily accessible by public transport. With this project, BPI Real Estate Poland is not only targeting residents looking for a place to live, but also investors looking for interesting investment product.

The project is currently in the authorisation phase. If the authorisation procedure is an efficient one, BPI Real Estate Poland will commence the building and commercialisation process in the summer of 2022.

  • BPI Real Estate acquires new site at exceptional location in Polish capital

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