New residential - Office

With its fine modern architecture and elegant lines, Gravity includes two towers of luxury apartments rising some 60 metres (about 20 floors), giving Differdange a new skyline.

Entrée en ville

Located in the town of Differdange, on the former site of the Ceps-Instead, the “Entrée en Ville” project aims to meet the demand for housing, shops and offices as part of the urban development that began with the OPKORN shopping centre and the ARBORIA quarter.

The whole project has been developed by BPI Luxembourg, who won this investor competition.


Planned delivery:


  • 80 apartments, including 26 for residents aged over 50
  • ± 4,000m² of commercial space on the ground floor
  • ± 4,500m² of office space
  • ± 120 “aparthotel” type studios

Moreno Architecture and Petitdidier Prioux Architect

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