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Office - Luxembourg City

2,700m² of office space

The project was to rebuild the headquarters of G4S in Luxembourg. This has been developed thanks to a partnership with the Pension Fund Intégrale.

14 Rue Père Raphaël - L-2413 Luxembourg

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Office - Differdange

80 apartments, including 26 for residents aged over 50

With its fine modern architecture and elegant lines, Gravity includes two towers of luxury apartments rising some 60 metres (about 20 floors), giving Differdange a new skyline.

Rue Emile Mark, Differdange

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Office - Strassen

Future office buildings in Strassen

23-25, Route d'Arlon

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Office - Leudelange

A new mixed-use project that focuses on the circular economu and low-carbon construction.


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Office - Leudelange

Behind its six-story glass façades, the new Wooden building reveals a wooden framework, whose V-shaped lines give it a unique character.

Rue du Château d'eau L-3364 Leudelange

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