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Some of our partners speak of their experience working with BPI.

Honouring their commitments

“The boss and his team are in a class of their own. They act with dignity and discretion, unlike others in their profession who make more noise but often don’t honour their commitments and don’t look after their clients.”

Pierre Lallemand – Architect – Brussels

Customer First

“I’ve worked with several developers as I’ve bought a number of properties in my time. Of all these, BPI is the one that best keeps its promises and provides the most assistance. BPI has a sense of customer satisfaction that goes beyond the ten-year guarantee.”

Patrice De Bremaeker – Purchaser of a BPI apartment


“BPI is a large outfit, they have offices at Herrmann-Debroux, that’s impressive and reassuring, they give the impression of being a sound company.”

Alain Mommens – Purchaser of a BPI apartment

Keeping to deadlines and quality of deliverables

“BPI? They’re reliable, professional and have the capacity to deliver - that’s what people find. They’re clearly one of the major players in the business.”

Klaus Werner, banker, board member

Sense of service

“BPI has a much greater sense of service than its competitors – they’re the only developers who are actually present when the deeds are signed. BPI has respect for the law and respect for its employees. Respect for individuals and a sound team. The boss and his team know their business. In short, BPI are the Rolls Royce of the market.”

Brussels notary (anonymous on ethical grounds)