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The REbirth of the Bavière site: the revitalization of an entire district

Published on  05/03/2020

The launch of a private project by BPI Real Estate, Thomas & Piron and UrBa Liège

After the start  of the first construction work for the Pôle des Savoirs (Province of Liège) and the reorganization of the Boulevard de la Constitution and the Rue des Bonnes villes in 2019 (City of Liège), a private project, called Bavière, is now starting. With the granting of the planning permission for unit D, including 149 apartments, 3 commercial spaces and a nursery as well as parking spaces and cellars in the basement, Bavière Development announces its commercialization.  

Brought together within the company Bavière Développement SA, the three partners aim to:
Rebuild a whole district within the city by focusing on the spirit of the neighborhood and its conviviality,  which is so important to the citizens
Reconnect Liège and especially its inhabitants to this legendary site
Revive Bavière as an interconnected, intergenerational district with a remarkable quality of life

Left as a wasteland since 1987 and after the failure of a few private projects, the Bavière site has been acquired by the consortium Bavière Development in 2012. The site has completed a study on the effects based on a Master Plan validated by the competent authorities (City of Liège and the Walloon region) in 2017. The project is located within an extremely densely-populated urban context and above all, it is steeped in history. In addition to its historical aspect, the site  is strategically  located giving it a major role in the evolution of the City of Liège and moreover, in the Outremeuse district. This formed a true challenge, faced by the Bavière Development team who wants to offer the future buyers a neighborhood where conviviality, quality and innovation are the watchwords.



The project will offer a wide mix of functions that will revitalize the neighborhood for a very diverse audience, both by its age and by its family structure. By integrating the urban context of today and especially of tomorrow, the proposed residential offer will respond to the lifestyle evolution  in the city.

For example, apart from standard apartments from 1 to 3 rooms (representing more than 15% of the global offer), the project will also include a building with lofts, offered at very attractive prices with reduced finishes in base. This option leaves more choice to the buyers who can customize each loft according to their preferences and their budget. This building will also include a coworking space as well as a common outdoor area, thereby encouraging conviviality in the neighborhood.

With the establishment of a medical and academic center on the ruins of the old Bavière hospital, diversity will be extended also at the level of the district. The developers have chosen to preserve the hospital’s old facades, which will allow continuity with the site's history, in both form and function.

A sports center will also be part of the project, as well as student housing, a nursing home and an assisted-living setting, all complemented by housing units.



The site has been designed to encourage openness towards the city by improvements, cross-district connections, in particular regarding the redevelopment of the Boulevard de la Constitution at the border of the Bavière site, whose central space will become pedestrian. In order to encourage the development of interconnected soft mode corridors, the internal circulation of the future district will be exclusively reserved for soft mobility (pedestrians, bicycles).

Furthermore, each of the five buildings in the unit D will have a bicycle room on the ground floor, in order to facilitate the access.

The site is served nearby by two TEC bus lines (lines 357 and 393). The internal network roads of the Bavière triangle enables to reach the stop points very quickly. The future tram line will be at 700 m walking distance of the Bavière site.


Green spaces and qualitative developments

Inside the Bavière triangle, the development aims to OPEN THE BAVIERE ISLAND ON THE OUTREMEUSE AREA, and LARGER ON THE CITY, in order to offer pedestrian continuity between the Meuse, the future garden of the Boulevard de la Constitution and the quai de la Dérivation. This opening of the Bavière triangle is characterized by a PERMANENT POROSITY OF THE ISLAND and by the creation of an INTERNAL GREEN SPACE of one hectare, representing a quarter of the surface of the original land.

At the heart of the block, the landscaping developments will create a quality landscape which is simple, legible, easy to maintain and sustainable. The landscape designers put an emphasis on comfort and the presence of plants which will take in 50% of the surface of the spaces. These facilities incorporate a sustainable and social dimension.


Specification sheet – Unit D

Promotor: Bavière Développement (SA composed by BPI Real Estate, Thomas & Piron Bâtiment and Urba Liège)
Architect: Société Momentanée Archi-Bavière (composed by Assar Architects, L’Atelier Architects and VERSO Architecture)
Location: at the corner of the quai de la Dérivation and the rue des Bonnes Villes



The unit D is composed of 5 housing buildings with a total of 149 apartments, 3 stores, a space for a liberal profession and a nursery. The total gross surface area off the ground is 18.000 m².

Here is an overview of the different types of apartments:

From R+5 to R+10 at the corner of the quai de la Dérivation and the rue des Bonnes Villes
The 3 commercial units represent more or less 650 m² and are dedicated to local shops and a liberal profession in order to match the spirit of the district. The nursery represents a surface of 580 m² including an outdoor garden. It is provided to welcome 42 children.


Basement of units D and E

The entire Bavière site is located on a basement including more or less 600 parking spaces. The units D and E are counting 170 places in total.

There will be 2 main entries:



March 2020:  Start of the earthwork construction site (units D and E).
August 2020: Start of the construction site for the buildings of unit D.
End 2022: Delivery of the first units of block D.

Reservations are possible as from 09/03/2020.


History of the site

Bavière is the place of the former hospital of Bavière. It is a major urban site in Liège that has been abandoned for over twenty years and which has been the subject of several re-urbanization projects before arriving today to a vast mixed project of +/- 100,000 m².

At the beginning of the 17th Century, the price Evêque Ernest from Bavière has donated one of his properties in Outremeuse in order to build a hospital. Opened in 1606, this hospital has been named “Hôpital de Bavière” and was ideally located at the place de l’Yser.
At a time, the building became too small (for university training and hospital needs), it has been decided to build, in 1890, a new hospital on a the site des Prés Saint Denis (currently named Place des Congrès).
Later, the decision was taken to transfer the hospital to the current site of Bavière. The new hospital of Bavière was inaugurated in 1895. During the transfer of the hospital, the chapel of Style Louis XIV, established in 1606 next to the first hospital of Bavière, has been entirely rebuild on the new site.

The capacity of the hospital became restricted so it was time to build a new building on the scope of the Citadelle (on the heights of the City of Liège). The first cornerstone of the hospital was laid in 1974. On the other hand, the university has decided to build its own Academic hospital on the area of Sart-Tilman. The transfer ended in November 1987.

The majority of the buildings on the Bavière site have been destroyed in 1991. Today, only the Chapel and the entrance building remain.



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