The Bunch

New residential - Office - Commercial

A sustainable and innovative real estate project combining living, work and relaxation.

Next to Park Spoor Noord in Antwerp you can find the former bottling plant and brewery of John Martin. In the following years BPI Real Estate, its partner Life and the architectural firm Bold will turn the site into an innovative real estate project where life, work and relaxation will come together.

The project in figures:

  • Apartments: 8,092 sqm
  • Offices & workshops: 716 sqm
  • Student rooms: 833 sqm
  • Common space: 166 sqm
  • 101 private parking spaces
  • 248 bicycle spaces

Project benefits:

  • Tailor-made project that offers something for everyone thanks to a wide variety of typologies: student accommodation, studios, townhouses, lofts and 1 to 3 bedroom apartments
  • Located next to Park Spoor Noord in Antwerp
  • 7 unique building blocks, each with its own unique architectural character
  • Preservation of authentic elements and typical warehouse style through partial renovation
  • Promotion of a sense of community thanks to the internal courtyard and a common space
  • Sustainable project: green roofs, free from fossil fuel, green interior garden, sharing economy, balanced ventilation system, solar panels and underfloor heating/cooling with heat pumps
  • A real combination of living, work and relaxation to ensure continuous life on the site.







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