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Key West: quality of life by the water in Brussels

Published on  20/02/2020

BPI Real Estate and Immobel revitalize site in the Biestebroeck neighbourhood

Developers BPI Real Estate and Immobel kick off the transformation of the former industrial site next to the Brussels canal. Key West will be a mixed project where living, working and leisure time seamlessly connect with one another. More than 500 apartments of various sizes, offices, a day-care centre and shops on the ground floor will contribute to the revitalization of the neighbourhood in the kink in the canal next to the Crickx Park and Kuregem.

Sustainability and quality of life

The developers and the top international architects team of Henning Larsen Architects and A2RC have looked at sustainability for Key West in the broadest sense. In addition to the traditional concerns about sustainable energy and efficient mobility, work has been done on creating more light, air and space. The entire neighbourhood will benefit from a public esplanade alongside the water. At the heart of the project, a private garden will be created for the residents of the complex. All patios are south-west facing and offer stunning views over the canal. The roof of one of the buildings is reserved for urban agriculture and space is made for various production activities and workshops.

To facilitate shopping for the neighbourhood and the residents, there will be retail premises with a supermarket, cafés and restaurants.

Technical data sheet

Programme: +/- 60,000 m²


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About BPI Real Estate

BPI Real Estate is a real estate developer operating in Belgium, Poland and Luxembourg. Incorporated 30 years ago, the company gained tremendous experience and recognised expertise in the residential, office, retail and service sectors.

BPI Real Estate’s developments feature an innovative and environmentally-responsible approach that incorporates social and energy aspects as well as construction and technological elements from the early stages of its projects, in order to create pleasant and harmonious living environments.

BPI Real Estate belongs to Group CFE. CFE is a Belgian industrial group incorporated in 1880. CFE NV/SA is active in 3 different business units. Dredging, Environment, Marine Engineering & Offshores activities are carried out by DEME, one of the global market leaders in the fields. CFE Contracting performs general contracting activities as well as multi-technic and rail in Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and Tunisia. The third business unit englobes all the real estate developments of the group under the umbrella of BPI Real Estate.

The CFE group currently employs more than 7,000 people and is active on every continent. CFE is listed on Euronext Brussels and is 60.85% owned by Ackermans & van Haaren.

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About Immobel

Immobel is the largest listed real estate developer in Belgium. Since it was founded in 1863, the Group has been developing and marketing innovative urban projects that listen to the needs of cities and their inhabitants. Thanks to its intelligent strategy and its 200 experts, Immobel has managed to extend its expertise to the residential, office, commercial, urban development, housing estate and hospitality sectors, reaching a market capitalization of more than €600 million, establishing it as a market leader. Immobel is continuing its expansion across Europe with a portfolio of more than 1,000,000 m² in development in 6 countries (Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Poland, France, Spain, Germany) and carries out its social responsibility by donating part of its profits to supporting charitable projects in the areas of Health, Culture and Social Inclusion. The Group is implementing a sustainable vision of urban development and is working to become a company conscious about its CO2 impact.

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