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Published on  09/07/2021


BPI Real Estate and Immobel have obtained a building permit for the development of the Brouck’R project. The two developers will transform the former Allianz offices, which overlook the Place De Brouckère, into a mixed project that meets the demand for high-quality living and working in the city of Brussels. Combining offices, shops, a hotel, apartments and student accommodation, the city, developers and architects aim to attract a diverse public and bring back a dynamic edge to one of Brussels’ most historic neighbourhoods.

Revitalizing the city centre

Top-notch quality of living and working in the city is in high demand. Given this trend, several profound changes have taken place in Brussels in recent years, such as the enlarged pedestrian zone in the city centre. The latest project in this list is the redevelopment of the well-known Place De Brouckère. The vibrant new Brouck’R project will attract various groups of people, including residents, employees, businesses, retailers, students and more. The ground floor will be redesigned in such a way that the shops and services located there will cause the Place de Brouckère to burst with socio-economic life.

“With this mixed, mainly residential initiative, we are responding to the urgent need for additional housing in a highly sought-after neighbourhood. The site is now predominantly centred around office activities. Our project will change that drastically and truly transform the area into a multifunctional urban living space with a lively and dynamic buzz 24/7,” says Immobel Belgium CEO Adel Yahia.

Respecting our heritage

Situated just a stone’s throw from the Grand Place, the Place de Brouckère is a historic part of the city. With respect for the existing property and for the Brussels heritage connected to the site, Immobel and BPI Real Estate will transform the buildings in their entirety. The complex will reflect a mix of Brussels’ eclectic buildings with contemporary architecture. The latest insights and developments within the field of sustainable urban policy are also taken into account.

A green oasis at the heart of Brussels

The Brouck’R project aims to bring life, work and play back into a historic area that is under full development. The complex is designed by Danish architect Henning Larsen and the Brussels-based A2RC Architects. It is characterized by surprising volumes and the use of various materials, offering abundant open space, light and air. The project is located in the popular, vibrant and car-free city centre of Brussels. This makes ease of access and general mobility a crucial aspect of the project. As such, the project envisions no fewer than 550 parking spaces for bicycles (including 52 for cargo bicycles) and an underground car park for local residents. The design puts the underground to full use in order to meet the mobility needs of both the project itself and the neighbourhood at large.

“We chose to limit the project mobility impact and to create a green environment that will provide a healthy and pleasant place to live and work, in close contact with nature while being in the city centre. Our choices in technical equipment and materials reduce the ecological footprint of the project. In doing so, we aim to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” says Jacques Lefèvre, CEO BPI Real Estate.

The complex contains large green spaces. Generous gardens on the ground level, green walls, and a sizeable courtyard bring light and air into the neighbourhood. By doing so, the project contributes to making the city greener and its air cleaner, aiming to add to the city’s biodiversity. In addition, the latest sustainable technologies are being introduced, including solar technology and a geothermal energy system.

In a nutshell

With this innovative and ambitious project, both BPI and Immobel aim to transform this site into a revitalized, sustainable and accessible neighbourhood. With attention given both to a green environment and to mobility, the Brouck’R project integrates into the streetscape perfectly. Construction is due to begin by the end of 2021.

Technical data sheet

Developers: BPI Real Estate and Immobel (50/50)
Architects: Henning Larsen Architects (Denmark) - A2RC Architects (Belgium)
Programme: total 37,967 sqm (today: 43,700 sqm)
176 apartments
129 student rooms
Hotel with 152 rooms
Office building of 6,850 sqm
3,365 sqm retail space 

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Adel Yahia*, Managing Director Immobel Belgium
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About BPI Real Estate :

BPI Real Estate is the real estate development division of the Belgian industrial group CFE, incorporated in 1880 and active in dredging, environment, offshore, contracting, rail activities, multitechnics and real estate development. Established 30 years ago, the real estate developer operates in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland. The company is mainly active in the residential, office, retail and service sectors and in specific products. BPI Real Estate takes into consideration the social, energy, aesthetic and technological elements in order to develop innovative and environmentally sound urbanism. Furthermore, it applies its expertise to the real estate design and development of Wood Shapers, a Belgian and Luxembourg corporation, established in 2019 by BPI Real Estate and CFE Contracting (both part of the CFE Group). Wood Shapers focuses mainly on the design and development of sustainable building constructions made out of wood or prefabricated materials.
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About Immobel : 

Immobel is the largest listed real estate developer in Belgium. The Group, which dates back to 1863, creates high-quality, future-proof urban environments with a positive impact on the way people live, work and play, and specializes in mixed real estate. With a stock market valuation of over EUR 650 million and a portfolio of more than 1,600,000 m² of project development in 6 countries (Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Poland, France, Spain, Germany), Immobel occupies a leading position in the European real estate landscape. The Group strives for sustainability in urban development. Furthermore, it uses part of its profits to support good causes in the areas of health, culture and social inclusion.  Approximately 200 people work at Immobel.
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